Saturday, 29 December 2018


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Before I comment, let me allow you, the reader, the unbiased intake of the below exchange between myself and a, to me, unknown web-developer I discovered on the Net. 
It goes something like this:


My first email contact:

HI ‘Y’  (Name Withheld) :

I came across your website and services as a web-developer and really liked what I saw. I have been looking to gain a woman’s perspective while working on creating an interactive web-site for quite some time now and wondered if you could be interested to have a look at it and share some of your thoughts.

Sincerely, Jan
The ‘Y’ person’s first response: 

"Hello, Jan

I had a look at your website and quite frankly I’m not sure why you think that my gender affects my skillset as a web designer.

I wish you all the best in your endeavours.

Best, (name with-held)"

My ‘X’ response (I am a MALE) to the 'Y' person 

OH dear, for clear communication. 

"I’m not sure why you think that my gender affects my skillset as a web designer.”

I am specifically looking to find your gender  (‘y’s’name) - to HELP me with talents I feel I do not possess! 
It’s me who does not have the skill-set!…

Oh dear! That went down-hill fast :) … can we turn this around? Or is the damage done? 



‘Y’ person to ‘X’ the Jan PERSON

“Again, I don’t understand why my gender is of any consequence to my work. I highly recommend that you refrain from such mysoginist comments, and hopefully you will find the right PERSON to assist you.”


Me ‘X’ Person to Y ‘Person’

  1. a person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women.
You could not be further from the TRUTH! …. 
I feel you have affronted me with dangerously mistaken assumptions.

I had some other text, …….then realized you have issues with my even considering you not to be me, and potentially of the opposite gender…… We are clearly at a dead end here. 

Be well (Name-withheld) Person.


Y ‘Person’ to Old ‘Misogynist’ X person

This will be my last comment to you.

By asking me for my help because I am a women has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the work I do or how I perceive it. My gender is completely incidental and I find it very offensive that you have sought out a women as opposed to simply a capable person. How does one’s genitalia affect there understanding of web design, or going further, aesthetics in general?

Your assumption that a woman can help you better than a man is indeed mysogynist; it is a prejudice, whether that is clear to you or not.” 

Person 2 Person

Very well, as an individual, a woman (you do state) you are a person who choses to find fault with an individual (in this case a man) who is presently specifically seeking for an all-round talent that may also have an opposite gender’s perspective to a seriously complicated and inter-active website. 

My search has absolutely nothing to do with procreative equipment. Having mostly worked with younger males I found to have serious ‘attitude,’ I decided at this stage to find a more gentle, comfortable, and insightful person with the same technical talents, but a potentially differing gender stance. That led me to contact you.

The fact you are taking serious offence at my even entertaining the thought your BRAINS could potentially add a variant slant to my website outlook, is now, as you explained it - an offensive stand, and as such making me a misogynist in your eyes.

I can not apologize for thinking we are all mixed bags of talents. If you find your gender can offer zero perspective on the overall psychological character and insight to a web-design’s presentation, in this case my assumption you might have rendered it, I guess I may be prejudiced.   

Where I live on Vive La Difference, your take appears that ‘Difference' is a dirty word. 
What a strange scenario this has ended up becoming……
you have allowed a certain sadness to overcome me. 

Goodbye. Be well….     

I am a Male, going on 80 next year. As a caring father I suffered the slings and arrows of the women's liberation movement in the seventies. Many of us ended up biting the dust by losing our families in confused court systems, bent on allowing mother/ women sole custody, regardless our vehement efforts, often merely requesting at least 'Joint' Custody. Our offspring unnecessarily suffered the consequences of these thoroughly inconsiderate actions. 

I do not deny there are male creeps out there who should be taken to task. At long last this is finally occurring. However, the 'ME TOO' movement is going seriously over-board, and likely all will explode soon! 

Are Mothers not in any way responsible for how their sons grow up emotionally? I am at least speaking here of at least the more modern, Western world. (Cautiously eliminated my thoughts about the East)   
2019 should be an interesting year.....

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

309. GETTING TO KNOW YOU…or is it me?

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For the living - TIME = the reality we all share.  And our ‘Timing,’ based on the eternal clock of day and night, is the personal expression each of us contributes as we sojourn through this life on earth. 

In the Developed World - TIME = For Sale; in the UN-developed World - TIME can be = a Curse.

Serial start-up billionaire entrepreneur Bill Gross, questioning why a number of his projects failed to perform well, while equally treated others rendered him millions, discovered that, out of 5 headings: Concept (11%), Team (24%), Business Plan (18%), Financing (12%) - ‘TIMING’ accounted for some 42 % of the project’s potential success. (The 12% allotted financing, unlike 99% of the rest of us, clearly shows he was well-connected.) 

Earlier, another Bill-ionaire – Bill Gates had coined the phrase: “Online, a little late, is too late.” 

I acknowledge that a number of my earlier endeavours failed because of bad market-timing conditions. Though in-demand, my 16 mm Educational Career-Guidance film series, distributed by the largest Book-Publisher, McGraw-Hill, should have stood us well. But the films required a projector, a projectionist in a classroom set-up - with screen and curtains - to create darkness. It proved too cumbersome and costly. – i.e., had we had the Adata USB computer stick in the early 70’s things would likely have turned out very differently. 
As such, an in-demand product fell by the wayside because of cumbersome technology of the Times. 

Leonardo da Vinci, one of the most brilliant humans ever, observing the double maple seed twirling to the ground, realized if it could fly down in that manner, the reverse moving upward should be equally possible; hence the later invention of the Helicopter blade. He was some 500 years ahead of his TIME.

As such, TIMING often carries the need for a number of coalescing ingredients.  

Having discovered this late in life, it would therefore seem crucial to take heed and listen to those who learned from experience. My journey then, to find a concept-product whose TIMING is right (42%) and TEAM (24%) creating some 68% of the total value, necessitates ensuring to find at least the combination of these 2 most important ingredients at the very outset, before, again, diving in to pursue new goals! 

After a ten year determination of doing so, I feel in my bones, the Bio-Regional Cascadia concept’s TIMING is dead on. To prove its total package stands a chance, my continued objective is to ensure my TEAM and I, aiming to create a most user-friendly, visibly pleasing and administratively efficient website, will be up to its maximum snuff. Within this achievement lurks my most major rub to date.

Good Teams are created not only with the finest up-to-date know-how talent of every member performing their specific detailed duties individually, but efficiency and clarity of objectives must be clearly understood, with all its well-defined component personal parts executed properly and solidly integrated into the developing product, until the whole has been concocted to run flawlessly. 

Still, most successful projects continue to be created in the more tactile natural world, like Silicon Valley, where daily meetings and social interconnectivity is encouraged. Individuals are given the opportunity to become comfortable and integrate by getting to know each other. The Online World tends to cut out most of the five bodily senses. Sight, allowing us to read body language by using Skype, or Facetime, is often avoided - on purpose. If sound by using telephone as a conference tool is not 100% clearly functioning, if text, like email, is not well-defined, potentially creating mixed-messages, the Team will not function efficiently. The feel of 'Touch' and closure of a handshake never occurs. As such, with the all-precious and costly TIME marching on, many potentially sound projects are ultimately doomed. 

The online world is a cash-cow for the multitudes who take advantage by hiding behind closed doors,  taking ample TIME, by validating their major hypes with heaps of promises and steep pricing.

Like myself, the foolhardy can't give up and keep trying by finding new talent, allowing over and over again the same process to determine whether this time envisioned results are going to be achieved, proving at long last the 'TEAM' worthy of collaboration. 

Regardless any apparent potential, it continues to be a crap-shoot and few will succeed.

Such is life! Boohoo..... 


Friday, 26 October 2018



* Just corrected a spelling error in the title :'Accessive' > Excessive :)>

The following is a para from an article about Bill Gates and the valuable work he and his wife are doing globally, particularly in the 'developing world.'

"There is no topic in the philanthropic world more fraught than population growth. The history of efforts to analyze and address it is filled with bad predictions and, worse, cruel solutions. As development expert Alex Ezeh writes elsewhere in the report, “population issues are so difficult to talk about that the development community has been ignoring them for years.”

AH YES! "the development community." Those whose greed for MORE continues to be the Answer for BETTER!

The fundamental issue lies with a generally mismanaged species, hellbent on expanding its presence on a finite resource - Gaia - 'Mother Eath' - our home and planet.

It is clear that the mostly un-educated poor, regardless their poverty and living conditions, somehow do not comprehend their continued procreation lies at the very root of mankind's survival.
The 'developed' Western World is at least beginning to respond to this most influencing factor!

When a young adult in the nineteen sixties, I was responsible for creating 3 off-spring!
If I were in my twenties again, today, I would seriously reconsider parenthood and likely be motivated to have a single child. 
Although I am myself an only child, I have encountered single children with growing pain handicaps. 

Still, I continue to see parenthood as the most challenging role. To be part of the creation of a new human being, in an enhancing circumstance and environment, can be a most fulfilling experience. 

However, when proceeding to do so in a partnership that ultimately goes its separate ways, brings on its own multitude of aggravating issues that can lead towards wondering why you ventured there in the first place.    

Friday, 5 October 2018

307. What matters - Who cares - Why bother?


I'm in a quandary!

I was ready to quit this at 21, 000 'HIT-views.' When I arrived at the number I thought about shutting it down.  These mostly self-indulgent utterings have been my views on life. 'Why' had I primarily been doing it? Was there a certain satisfaction in knowing there were 'readers,' even if I did not know who they were and never heard from them - i.e. YOU?

So I assessed my feelings about deleting it, and queried how I would make better use of my time.
I had some time ago been assured by 'Google' that "NO" it was not their automatic traveling online BLOT fooling me in to believing there were actual HUMANS reading my expressions. They assured me REAL people were literally visiting the blog.

Admittedly, after my six years indulgence with the Legal System, to literally discover it to be self-servingly corrupt (I do not use this word lightly), I am these days, on the whole, in a somewhat empty and quite somber state of mind - especially with what is transpiring in USA politics, and globally in general.

I 'm beginning to wonder?  Has technology sufficient hold on the common man to have disrupted all sense of belonging? With the power structure controlled by a relatively small group, we are far more than shooting ourselves in the foot.  Has 'we' indeed become a runaway train, destined for doom?

And there I try to continue to be a focused, go-getter optimist entrepreneur - getting NO-where. So far, each time, when confronted with setbacks, I manage to overcome and soldier on, always  remembering my hurdles are puny, compared to the problems of most.

Still the latest project, with all my will power, endurance and belief in good Timing, I am somehow failing to bring to fruition.  I just know what the product needs to be, but for the life of me, with millions of web-developers out there, working with the latest developer, again, just did NOT work out. Left brain V. Right brain, we just speak different languages.  And as a not sufficiently productive harmonious team, I severed my relationship.

So what's going on here? Is it all ME? If so, WHAT is my problem?

You're 'OLD' school Dad. You expect too much! Are you serious, I ask? You do not feel a product should function as close to perfect as you can make it? Don't you demand it from your car? You're OK with a leaking roof? Come on now, let's be serious here. I refuse to go out there half-cocked.

Which is, in fact what it is, at present. Formatted in Joomla, the back-end Admin is a nightmare! It needs to be fully customized, user-friendly, easily administrated. That's it; no excuses.

I have tried a bunch of the online services looking for a capable PHP developer. They all want an arm and a leg + MORE.  So, QUESTION is? With all the hype out there of working together (Angel List etc) WHERE to go to find a knowledgable, trustworthy team-player ?

If anyone reading this has an answer? >>>>> Please get in touch!

With appreciation,
Yours > Truly!

Sunday, 26 August 2018

306. "KNOW THYSELF" - Socrates

Know thyself

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Greekaphorism"know thyself" .
"The unexamined life is not worth living."
Socrates was born circa 470 BC, in Athens, Greece. We know of his life through the writings of his students, including Plato and Xenophon. His "Socratic method," laid the groundwork for Western systems of logic and philosophy.

For most of us, life is a continuing quandary about trying to interpret who we think we are, or want to end up 'being.' Who do you know to be at peace with the world and themselves? Who do you know to be at perfect ease and seemingly in charge of the pressures of their surroundings? 
Go check it out. Likely very few, if any. 

For most, the pressures and demands of their surroundings way so heavily upon them that tendencies toward any individual expression ends up being stifled, often for mere fear of rejection. If you don't tow the line of 'acceptability' - by daring to voice opinions not towing the line of local acceptances, you are likely to pay the price; and it won't be pretty. So most don't even dare.

For those of us fortunate enough to live in a less oppressed environment, though the allowances to discover ourselves may be broader, every phase of growth brings its own and additional questions. 
What's it all about and what am I actually doing here? 
The 'meaning of life' remains a constant at any stage of self-development.   

So, in your assessments between subjectivity and objectivity, you encounter the continued challenge of WHAT to DO, or NOT to do! What would happen if I did 'such 'n such?' Would it be a positive, or could I end up paying for it? 

What is weakness? What is strength of character? To pick up a gun and lash out..... we see it globally happening on a daily basis, is clearly not the answer.  It merely indicates frustration and a lack of understanding of how those who have had greater 'wits' about them, have manipulated their societies to suit themselves.  

You either find peace from within your status quo existing environment,  or move away - if you are able to do so. 

Life's a trip, a voyage at best. For many borne in unfortunate circumstances, to Know Thyself is not even on the agenda. Day to day survival is the only objective.  

Surely it is up to those of us fortunate enough to be allowed the time of day to even entertain the self-indulgent opportunity to delve in the realms of self-discovery to find more meaningful alternative answers to the present mayhem that is presently running rampant amongst the species?     

Saturday, 18 August 2018

305. Is 'Quitting' synonymous with 'Dying'?

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'THEY' say that only those who do not quit - succeed. But here's the rub! Who are ......'THEY'?
and what is 'to succeed' anyway?

Babies sleep a lot ..... to digest all the things they see and hear that are new to them.
At the end of digesting their daily humdrum stuff, elders sleep a lot, preparing for their final sleep.
For most, there's nothing's new to them, since they are no longer asking questions.
Curiosity has killed the Cat inside them. This is just the way life is.

So in your trajectory towards the end, how do you know when it is time to quit rather than continuing to beat what is more and more becoming apparent to be - a clearly dead horse? When the dead horse is becoming the realization your ongoing problem to FIND,' then WORK with a suitable PHP Coder continues to feel like walking legless through a giant anthill.

Though you darn-well KNOW the present world is run by Left Brainers, your RIGHT brain, old age and lack of capital combined - to bribe the very best in to creating the vehicle you are so clearly envisioning - are simply not enough to get it done. You keep spinning your wheels swimming with the small fry.

Sorry Dude, nice try, but no cigar..... It was not to be YOU! At 43% your Timing was good this time, but at 24% your Team is plainly MISSING in someone else's action...!
Throw in the Towel... Acknowledge defeat.... It was not to be YOU!

How does anyone really know when enough is Enuff?

Is quitting synonymous with dying?

Saturday, 14 July 2018

304. The vicious loop of various roles in humanity.

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'GOD' versus 'No Comments.' 

 Brilliant Article!

For many there is a 'God', that inexplicably undefined higher essence, needed for most to somehow make sense of who we are and what we are meant to be doing on earth, especially these times, when barraged by information,  inundated, we question our purpose and very reason for being.

Defined by their various religions, complimenting the embodiments of those higher beings, are interpretations of the highest, earthly, human representations.  Over the millennia these have taken on many differing forms. Identified by title and special costume-like robed garment, vocal tonality and role-positioning identify these greater-than-life individuals; their Pulpits creating added effect of angle and height. ...They literally look down their noses at us plebeians !

Whether in the fields of religion, justice, or other, they function at the zenith of our organized systems. In the legal system they happen to be the well-educated, Titled, Honourable Lords and Ladies who, while functioning their trade as immune judges, interpret and pronounce their verdict as they see fit. Right or wrong, there is little opportunity for success questioning them - as I have sadly discovered.

That realized, it needs to be acknowledged that ultimately power does corrupt. Many individuals positioned in a superior role don't have, what should be an the innate human ability to retain their true sense of value, humility, and empathy.  It seems to be that given extra powers over one's fellow beings inevitably leads to corruption.  All indicates that greed and stature ultimately reign over truth, ethics and justice.

..... where will we end?