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299. 'HELLO OUT THERE?' It's my TIME for moving on......

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At circa 21, 000 'VIEWS'  I have decided to dis-continue this BLOG.
Instead, I will be committing my remaining precious online TIME to a website I have been working to complete for years now:  (my vision our global village will be fragmenting )

I admit I have been somewhat self-indulgent over these few years.
'THEY' say (the better informed), by writing down your thoughts, your brain has an enhanced ability to reflect - i.e expressing thoughts in writing gives you a somewhat more 'objective' view on what  initially may be impulsive, scattered thoughts.

TIME is precious; TIME is all we have. So it is now TIME to dedicate myself more fully to what will hopefully become a more inclusive, purposeful, and rewarding cause. Rather than my self-indulgency with this Blog over these past few years, my energies will instead reach out to hopefully include others, with focussed intentions to create a more practical, integrated, and self-sufficient environment. It is a more practical vision. I am referring to the Pacific Northwest Bio-region of Cascadia.

To say my TIME and expressions here have been somewhat lonely, is to say the least. Without factual personal feedback from ANYONE, to continue in anonymity, is like writing a diary to strangers you will never know their thoughts of. Yet I was motivated to continue expressing myself, after taking my experience with the abominably corrupt Canadian Legal System to its very heart, culminating by actually taking on the Ministry of Justice of BC single handed, with a claim ending up in a most collusive, Summary Trial.

It was Theatre at its most bizarre absurd.

Astonishingly, I experienced first hand, in this 21st Century, that a modern democratic legal system can blatantly dare to express itself as it did, under the guise of being the epitome of legality and justice!  No wonder the hordes of thousands who have decided to challenge these quasi just, primarily democratic societies of the West > with their guns (ISIS and its like).

However, ultimately, their efforts at a quick-fix attempt, are one-dimensional and similarly destructive;  destruction gets us nowhere; it merely creates more mayhem with no solution. Mankind has not advanced for thousands of years.  

The Google Map indicates my Blog readers are mostly from the US and Canada, but every month,  like the other day some 22, there appear a number of views from Russia. Though curiously appreciated, I wonder what is the attraction / motivation here?

Another reason for quitting the Blog is that since I will be motivated to start expressing even more personal views, alerted by growing and powerful influencing online matters these days, doing so can become personally DANGEROUS.  Freedom of speech is proving to no longer be a safe and allowable luxury.

Sunday, 21 January 2018


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Although I have left delving in to our Legal 'Business Affairs' - as a Self-Representing Litigant having experienced full-on and blatant collusion - I need to take this posting to revisit some of it, since it (i.e. 'LIFE') all seems to come down to one's mindset of both identifying, then deciding to belong to the 'group' you feel to be a part of and choose to represent, and, as such determine the very 'individual' you believe, or decide yourself to be!

There's a seriously clever website for all things legal named: 
It explains itself gloriously as follows:
"Lexology delivers the most comprehensive source of free-to-access legal updates, analysis and insights. We publish in excess of 450 articles every day from over 800 leading law firms and service providers worldwide across 50 work areas in 20 languages. Our searchable archive now contains more than 650,000 articles. Our combination of timely, quality, granular information and relevant insight supported by our intuitive, innovative technology provides an unparalleled user experience.

Timely: We scour the legal information landscape so you don’t have to. Our unique content ingestion system utilises the latest in natural language processing and entity extraction techniques to deliver relevant information and insight to our subscribers in real time.
Quality: Our strength lies in our contributors’ domain expertise combined with our in-house editorial input. Adding over 450 new articles per day, we provide our audience with a service which is unique in both its depth and breadth.
Relevant: Subscribers can receive updates via email and search our online intelligence platform for specific information relevant to their work area, jurisdiction and many other segmentations, all designed to optimise their user experience.

Intuitive: We have a passion for innovation and continually refine and develop our technology to ensure that subscribers can access the information they need, whether delivered direct to their inbox or by searching our online intelligence platform."
Having had my earlier Summary Judgment experience, I came across one of LEXOLOGY's articles from several years ago, and quote several paras below:  
"A new Rule 20 came into force on January 1, 2010 which greatly expanded the powers of judges to weigh evidence, evaluate credibility and make findings of fact. However, judicial interpretation of this new rule was not consistent, with some cases interpreting these powers narrowly, risking making the new rule largely useless in obtaining early resolution of matters and avoiding trials.

Even though the Ontario Court of Appeal took a bolder approach to the new rule, the Supreme Court held that the Ontario Court of Appeal’s decision did not go far enough and placed too much emphasis on the benefits of a conventional trial. The question should not be whether a full trial is needed to fully appreciate the evidence, but rather, whether the added expense and delay of fact finding at trial is required for a fair process and a just result."

Ah yes! "Our unique content ingestion system.." "...passion for innovation "  "a service that is both unique in both its depth and breadth." ..... Words/words     "...a fair process and a just result."

How about being in a lavish Supreme Court surrounding with just the Ministry's JUDGE,  the Ministry's DEFENCE Counsel, and lil old ME! "So what can we do for you today, Mr. Steen?"

After I stated all was explained in the text I had supplied, then being told the Judge had "read my materials" .... for about one hour Judge and Counsel discussed the situation, and not a single WORD I had supplied was referred to; not a single piece of EVIDENCE, or ARGUMENT I had posed was addressed. Instead it was decided that people like me were merely 'wasting the Court's time!' ...... DISMISSED!

 "..... making the new rule largely useless in obtaining early resolution of matters and avoiding trials."

COLLUSION  I SHOUT!....A TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE I MAINTAIN! ...... There simply ain't any such thing as Justice folks! All is WORDS > WORDS > WORDS!....... meaningless WORDS!

I have read a book about a psychiatrist who takes a patient through deep hypnosis revealing details of former lives; another is called 'Uncharted' and takes you in to the soul and spirit world. Skeptical as I continue to be, all I can contribute is a personal wonder at my own experiences. Often when I wake from yet another dream, I am bewildered by the worlds of things and people I encountered. 'WHO were these people? What was THAT all about?' ... Where am I getting that stuff from?

Then, also, my seemingly taking forever to get my website created properly. Is it just my lack of money to pay for the right talent? Or are there in fact multiple lives we have lived and still more to live, and in this one my main objective is indeed needing to learn to be more patient? Or am I somehow needing to be punished for something in this present life and the site is simply not meant to be? Even though I feel its timing is absolutely perfect.

One thing is TRUE, and as such - a FACT, and - 'REAL'. 
IF technology then (in the sixties) would have been what it is today, and IF ADATA (USB) sticks had been available to carry the data and representation of my films, my life, very likely would have unfolded very differently.  

And ....IF..... the overpopulated world would just slow down, stop breeding us in to oblivion with its ever growing numbers, and spend more time being less greedy, and care more for the multi-millions of deprived individuals....  then...

Reality = Reality and everything else is WORDS.

Still - YES! Timing plays a HUGE part of how things unfold.  
But! Like Rudolf Steiner stated: Before there is LANGUAGE, let there be MEANING.    

Thursday, 11 January 2018

295. MEN and WOMEN. Identifying the 'ME TOO' movement.

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Except for scientific discovery, from a philosophical perspective, just about every angle to life has likely been discussed. This would include the possibilities, for some already a given, of previous 'other' and proven lives, some living in a different sexual orientation.  

* Many Lives - Many Masters (Brian Weiss- Psychiatrist) 

In my number 289 Posting I discussed 'Apartheid,' i.e. 'differences'.

"Life is built on telling things apart. Without it, nothing can be defined. Any 'growing, living, existing creature,' that can't tell things apart becomes easy prey to those who do. This is the basic Law of Nature!"

Most of my life I have been fascinated by how incredibly different everything is. This is to me where  the mystery and attraction to life lies - its constant discovery - as long as one is open to it all.

'AYE' there's the rub! Because most of us shut down the input valve quite early. A creature that has configured the prerequisites for living, able to maintain it without much interference, has achieved life's essentials. Once there, drive and curiosity tend to slow down, if not shut down entirely.  

The objective of growth lies in the desire and ability to continue to recognize and value the beauty of our differences. From Butterfly to Crocodile, Ant to Lion, Man to Woman, Child or Adult. There is NO such thing as sameness or equality. Every species in its environment and situation brings its own and differing conditional displays.

Whatever is considered to be progress, improvement, or acceptable in one culture, may be strictly taboo in an other. Yet we are speaking of the same species here; Homo (Erectus) Sapiens. 'Wise' Man indeed, when most of 'his' world is controlled by highly restrictive and organized religions. This 'Ism,' very likely maintained for a long time to come.

What do we mean when we are speaking of the 'developed* versus un-developed world?'
Again, I really value what has been ascribed to be Rudolph Steiner's line:
'Before there are words, let there be meaning!' 

We tend to feel that 'developed' means better, smarter, and as such SUPERIOR. This takes us on the slippery slope of a certain false 'progress' where we are getting away from what is in fact a highly structured and well-integrated system which is the equilibrium, the very foundation of Nature in which everything has its place.

So taking stock of the rapidly shifting global conditions in which the latest 'ME TOO' movement in the 'Developed West' is gathering momentum, I dare caution a gentle warning.

Where in Nature everything has its place and purpose, not so much as 'better or worse,' but all as different and valuable, positioned over the millennia of time to belong, our species is lashing out, going for broke, come hell or high water.  And guess what? The Hell of High Water, controlled by Mother Gaia, is coming down on us in a variety of manners.

We are literally playing with fire!

Hopefully the 'ME TOO' women's surge will not become a run-away train and one-dimensionally blame all men for the ills and woes of those who have abused their positional powers. Although I have noted men attracted to positions of power, often to professions they should have no business of being in (since in fact it brings out their very weaknesses) - such are the foibles of character imperfection and attraction.

Remember, all men were former babies, mostly raised by their mothers. Although, YES, there are always going to be bad apples out there, and Mum's not the word to keep silent, we are in this together. Both sexes have their work cut out from across the gamut of our society.

Instead of primarily using the word 'equality,' I suggest the meanings of an array of to me more applicable words, such as ability. acceptance, allowance, appreciation, opportunitychoice, driverecognition, status, consideration and, ultimately, respect !

Then, also, if we can keep gender out of the work-force, whenever physically possible, let only the very best person thrive in whatever field they so choose to excel in.

That's my take on it :)   

*  'Many Lives - Many Masters' [ Dr. Brian Weiss - psychiatrist ]
* develop |dəˈveləpverb (developsdevelopingdevelopedgrow or cause to grow and become more mature, advanced, or elaborate: [ no obj. ] :  motion pictures developed into mass entertainment | (as adj. developing:  this is a rapidly developing field | [ with obj. ] :  entrepreneurs develop their skills through trial and error.

Thursday, 4 January 2018

294. From Mom-'n-PoP to eBay, Amazon and Alibaba. Is it Back to Smaller next?

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(The Yin & Yang of Life )

"Yin / Yang: Two halves that together complete wholeness. Yin and yang are also the starting point for change. When something is whole, by definition, it’s unchanging and complete. So when you split something into two halves – yin/yang, it upsets the equilibrium of wholeness. Both halves are chasing after each other as they seek a new balance with each other."

So it's another numbered year on the Julian Calendar - 2018. Whoops! Make that .... Gregorian...

"The Gregorian calendar is internationally the most widely used civil calendar. It is named after Pope Gregory XIII, who introduced it in October 1582. It was a refinement to the Julian calendar involving an approximately 0.002% correction in the length of the calendar year."


Thank you your highness Pope Gregory X111 (1582). How could we have managed without you? What and where would we be, if not for that 0.002% correction?

I have just returned from LA (that is Los Angeles, city of Angels) I looked for Angels, but can report, as non-fake news, other than connecting with 2 of my off-spring, there were no Angels in site!

What I am motivated to report is that from my usual quiet-rural, mostly tree and local wildlife ruled existence, after 2 days back, I am still digesting the enormous input of data and experiences I was exposed to. Like being taken in to a private cubicle at the airport, because I had a hernia belt that was questionable. They even swabbed my hands, checking for explosives. It was explained to be routine procedure - when something untoward shows up.  Although it felt invasive at the time, I later respected their thoroughness.

Life is fickle, life is short enough, but my question at 78 is: How many more years am I physically and emotionally able to be rewarded by being with, and enjoying my off spring like this?

I continue to be impressed by our differences. Are individual Ants and Worms as different as We are?
A friend of mine told me about meeting a 107 year old man in New York - AT A PARTY! Stunned, he asked the man: 'How do you do it?' The man responded: 'Well? Good genes help, but when you wake up in the morning, you still have to be motivated. You have to be curious.'

At my daughter's, I read a book: 'Many Lives, Many Masters' (Brian L.Weiss) Its first sentence, if I remember correctly, states:"There is a reason for everything."
To me this statement indicates that some other force is in charge of running things. He, Weiss (a psychiatrist), then takes the reader through chapters in which his 'patient' is in a hypnotic state and consequently takes us in to what appear to be former lives. All her data is hugely impressive.

One of the main suggestions is that, in this life, we need to be more 'patient,' that there is a continuum. I immediately reflected, by remembering that as a young professional adult in the theatre business, I was told to be more 'Patient.' My response at that time was: "I will be patient once I'm dead!"

And guess what anonymous global readers? These past ten years of my life are the very first I allowed 'others ' to influence my objectives in a concrete manner. Technologies are changing rapidly. While this may seem hugely exciting, it is at the same time seriously alarming.

In essence. When you reach out in to a to you foreign area, you are allowing these 'others' to influence you.  The NEW reality then is? 'How prepared for their personalized inputs are you?'

As such, with my minimalist monthly government pension (budget) > thank you democratic Canada >  I ventured abroad to affordable India, then Serbia and Belgium, to find ready contacts to create my very last online website effort. I experienced mostly horror connectives, eager to take my money, but leaving me wanting for workable production results.

As a purposeful yet naive entity I am sure I was coddled along, not necessarily with the best of talent and know how. Pretence is the life-line online. But it was the best I could do during this continued battle, fighting Left Brain focused coders versus my mostly Right Brain, former Theatre/ Visual orientation.

So what wrung of the ladder are you envisioning yourself to be in these days? Is there more to come, or can you settle with it? Time and circumstance, questioning personal endeavours, or the lack. It's all a constant change!

How long lasts anything? The rub is all about the speed of change, and whether we, as a species, while aware of it, can keep up with it?
All I know is is that the 'Donald ' has his finger on a potential doomsday catastrophe.

Who am I? Who are you, wherever you are? Can we make a difference?  

If interested? Check my Youtube 1969, 16 MM film: "Halewyn,  Newspaper Careers" 
OR: A hopefully to be finalized soon:  

Sunday, 19 November 2017

293. WANTED: Your opinion


Today has a double entry.... This one, is to my Community. The first, shorter one, is the one I sent in. It took me some 10 minutes to write. The second, longer one, took far longer and I worked on it with my former wife and daughter. But when I sent it to my sons,  both expressed concerns... They won me over, but here I post them both. I eliminated the actual email addresses.


WANTED: Your opinion

You may have seen the old guy in his Smart Car, with the logo on one side:, Your Community Connector, the other side stating:, Your Community Connector.  What’s the deal here; just another local Hornbyite doing his nutsy thing?

Love or hate the Internet, for most of us, it now runs our lives. When Bill Gates states: “On the Net, a little late is too late” and Bill Gross tells you: “The single biggest reason why startups succeed is TIMING,” take heed, and listen! (See The fact that potential success is decided by Timing with a whopping forty plus percent is amazing.

If truth be known, the old fella’s been at it for some ten years now, trying to get his ‘Online TIMING’ right, and he just won’t quit!

To clarify: It all started in 2008 with the Postal Code based website But problems with the original web-developer created delays and by the time it ran user-friendly smoothly in 2010, they were replaced by one’s IP address. Postal Codes went out of style. Then there were the courts.

Sheer stubbornness got him to his present and he feels this Time his ‘Timing’ is the online ‘Button.’ Being beyond his prime at 78 J, he is looking for your sane and realistic input. What’s your take Hornby? Pursue, or quit? Make logos on both sides of his Smarty Car the same, or grin and bare and take’ em down, acknowledging defeat?  Your opinion will be appreciated. Please reach me at:   Thank you!  Jan Steen


 WANTED: Your opinion

Ten years ago this Christmas friends wanted to invest in one of my early website ideas. ‘Let’s get it built and put it online, Jan.’ Although I expressed we might be too late with the concept, their response was: “Let’s do it anyway, it’s only money!” Flattered by their intent to invest, I set out to find a suitable web-developer. We ultimately settled on a web-development company in Ottawa who thought it a brilliant idea: “If you can pull this off, you’ll revolutionize online classifieds and retail sales as we know it.”
Impressed by their feedback, a contracted launch date for July 11, 2008, was set!

Before Craigslist became a household name, the concept for an Online Classifieds based on Postal Codes came to me around 1997 while buying several brass horns on eBay. Determining someone’s online location via Postal Codes did in fact become a crucial online tool for about a two-year period. It became a reality at the very same time we were about to implement it. However, our contracted timeline with the developer was not honored. Months beyond its contractual launch date and some one thousand and twelve (1012) emails later ‘Jansite Inc.’ was left with a still unfinished, badly built, and user-UN-friendly and unacceptable site. Does a contract still mean anything, or is it just another email? I would soon find out. 

Once rebuilt, the site did become a well-functioning, user-friendly, but, all too late, since Postal Codes had been replaced by one’s ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Shaped by a four-year internment in Japanese prison camps in Indonesia, my interest in how mankind functions turned me in to an entrepreneur with eclectic tastes. The freedom to turn ideas in to reality is a privilege. Still, life’s a trip, wrapped in ‘luck of the draw,’ lived moment to moment in a happenstance of time and place. The problem with curiosity, enthusiasm and ideas is it can take a lifetime to discover their potential pitfalls.

Love or hate the Internet, for most of us, it now runs our lives. When Bill Gates states: “On the Net, a little late is too late” and Bill Gross tells you: “The single biggest reason why startups succeed is TIMING,” take heed, and listen! (See The fact that potential success is decided by a whopping forty plus percent of Timing is amazing.

As such, GOPOCO.COM’s short window of opportunity came and went, while my efforts trying to retrieve the investment by chasing the ‘non-conforming online contractual aspects’ through legal claims in court, became my daily nightmare for some six years. I battled the system in both BC and Ontario. To no avail, the large, well-positioned web-developing company in Ottawa had legal insurance and devoured me in my Self-Representing Litigant efforts.

I discovered that the courts are not about justice; they are a business, strictly serving those trained in well-oiled legalese.
My last Court appearance was in January 2016, in Victoria, when I filed a claim against the BC Ministry of Justice. I held them responsible for provable erroneous dismissals rendered by one of their employed Judges. In a Chamber’s Court setting (just the three of us - no public) a Supreme Court Judge and a Ministry Defense Counsel (both working for the Ministry), decided to ignore my materials presented and summarily dismiss my claim for ‘unnecessarily taking up the Court’s Time.’  Their verdict was yet another example of inconceivable illegal collusion.  

Although I do prefer it to other systems, I have come to realize first hand our purportedly ‘democratically just’ and ‘developed’ Western World is equally blatantly corrupt.

So here I am after this ten-year sojourn, approaching my Hornby Community. I am asking you to help me decide whether a site I feel whose TIME has come, is indeed worth pursuing. Would you, over your morning’s coffee or honeyed apple-cider vinegar please assess: , and gaze in to the future potential of its regional e-commerce and localized entrepreneurial business presentation. Can you appreciate its bioregional objectives towards self-sufficiency? Can you think of it as an online local newspaper that includes business, calendar, classifieds, art, and community events for the entire region, keeping in mind the site is not there to compete with, but to enhance and promote what has already been achieved? And NO, it is NOT Facebook!

I will welcome your feedback. Thank you. Jan Steen   Reach me at: