Tuesday, 19 June 2018

303."You have more friends on Facebook than you think!"

STAT - VIEWS @ 20,760

We are all interested in different things - Thank God! Or, since I do not know who that deity is (supreme being/ divine entity/ creator of all things), maybe to rephrase:  We are all interested in different things - 'WONDERFUL!' - may be more suitable.

As a morphing species, with our high-tech gadgetry creeping in to run our very souls (I'm certainly participating; after all what am I doing at this very moment?) I am sure it is becoming harder to manifest any clear identity of character, especially for the younger generations, all who are raised with the Online-Connector in their hot little palms. Big Brother and Sister too are running the present real and up to the minute show, at least in the West.

However, with a background and character shaped long ago, at my age I have a set foundation to work from; a foundation that informs me when enough is enough when poking around on the machines that try to take me hither and tither, further away from the tactile soil that is ultimately our grounding. Also, surrounded by Nature (I literally live amongst the trees and critters) I am constantly reminded of the tactility and essence of life, as the various species rush about to exist.

Having run this Blog for some years now, I was motivated to upload a video  - for your viewing pleasure.... But! I went in to Google Forum help and got stuck.... all is too confusing, nothing is obvious to me; i.e. user-friendliness, from at least my perspective, is missing.   SO, NO video.

That's my reality! ... and every GOD-given day, I receive: "you have more friends on Facebook than you think."

So here's my take on that super shallow statement, the kind of 'announcement / notification that is helping to skew our vision towards any depth of meaning!

friend |frendnouna person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically exclusive of sexual or family relations.So here is my today's objective! OUT OUT OUT! .....with the in my daily Face ....Facebook.
(Be right back) .....

"Right back" has been several weeks now.....No apologies needed I presume.
Facebook is out of my life, and it feels a little better...
It's positive and good to have choices, and act upon them....

I have my off-spring (3) and a few close friends. With them there is no need to constantly explain.
The 'Friends' on Facebook are a HYPE and CON-job to motivate you to keep connecting with strangers. I do not need it.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

302. When We Fall Apart...

STAT-VIEWS @ 20,700

Do we know who we really are? If so, are we content with our inner selves? Or, are we vulnerable to others' input, at times questioning our choices, our behaviour?  

As an outspoken individual I am constantly challenged by others who fault me for being 'me'. They show this in a variety of ways. Either there is no response at all (mostly) or there are signs of awkward hesitation. The western world does its best to lean towards the 'considerate' - polite response, while often hiding its true identity.

As a bird lover, feeding Humming birds their sugar-water hit (no ill effects I'm told, it's energy, not food) and supplying other song birds mostly a staple of sunflower seeds + a mixture of smaller seeds,  I notice birds being mostly nasty little critters - not a lot of 'sharing' there. "I'm here - so - F - Off!"

This clearly suggests that in our 'developed' world, as humans, with our acquired religions to suit our bewildered wonderings, when it comes to the nitty gritty world of 'being' an individual, there are all the tell-taling signs of: Color, Status, Gender, Religion, Origin etc...to tell us apart and pigeonhole.

How does one reach the stage of total acceptance? Is there even such a stage? ... I thought I had come close, until my neighbourhood 'folk' posed an issue about one local who had applied for a permit to run a gravel pit, with trucks, empty uphill, then full scuttling downhill our already badly maintained pot-holed gravel roads. The sheer practical madness of it. Still, better connected, higher politics may well allow the permit. The 'person' apparently has government connections.

The point is, how much can we absorb, without freaking out and falling apart ? Where does the need for more - stop? When is enough enough?
We, here, are fortunate in that we, as individuals in a free world, managed to interpret our personal niches.

Still, while living as neighbours on our various properties, there continue to be boundaries of allowances. When the collective feels those boundaries are being crossed, the fight is on!
When all are ignited to respond to the common circumstances, individual idiosyncrasies of character are forced out of the closet, and not all is copacetic. (Israel v. Palestine > and the myriad rest of it....)

We realize (at least I do) that we are all hypocrites, even in the so-called FREE world. As long as each is allowed their own implementations of whatever they want, all is dandy. However, let someone suggest a wanted business that feels obnoxious by potentially affecting others negatively...  woe-NELLY, then, the buck stops there!

Then the 'gathering of the clan' sets in. For 'The Greater Good' you will 'give in' and seek to negotiate with your not so pleasant neighbour to achieve to STOP a greater dislike from becoming a reality.  And in the doing, in order to discover who is on board and comes from what angle, we are prepared to be swayed away from our former principles.

Thus we realize (at least I do) that we are all hypocrites....

Sunday, 6 May 2018

301. To my 'ZERO' ('O') FOLLOWERS....

Stat-views @ 20,623

Hello Russia (Its many parts) ; Hello North America - both Upper (Canada and its provinces) and Lower (USA and its States) ; Hello Zero 'Followers:'
(see below stat)...

follower |ˈfälōərnounan adherent or devotee of a particular person, cause, or activity: a freethinker and follower of Voltaire.• someone who is tracking a particular person, group, organization, etc. on a social media website or application:she remains an immensely divisive figure, but she has a million followers on Facebook.====================================================================
 (Shakespeare)  Romeo and Juliet: Act II, scene 2:  "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet" 

SO! To clearly understand - while my 'Mother-Tongue' was Dutch, not English, I constantly check the actual, given, definitions of many of the words I use; at times to realize I have a completely wrong idea of their actual meaning. Then, it's 'WHOOPS' good thing I caught myself, thank you Dictionary (or Google - 'GOD')

This then takes me to our general and Global world, of 'Communication'.

Watching the News of late, I am beginning to question?  Is freedom of 'Thought and Speech' leading us to chaos?
Present Statistics are showing democracies are failing; that it 'appears' there is a returning movement towards the 'acceptance' of what can only be interpreted as 'Dictatorship,' with its obliging 'Police State' controlling the masses. ..... You do the Math, Zero Follower!

Below is a scenario that's unfolding in our small Community. A neighbour is wanting to create an open pit sand and gravel mine (a Quarry) in our quiet neighbourhood. The 'person' (individual) feels to be communicating with us all in a most open, honest and caring way. The 'others' do not agree. So each of us feels entitled to our interpretations, holding the 'other' to be responsible.

At an earlier point I publicly commented (as did others) by responding to the text in a flyer the person had circulated through the community. The 'person' responded, indicating I had 'threatened' them. Though 'others' felt I had not. Today I was motivated to send out another response.  To retain personal safety, here's my somewhat 'adjusted text' between my own, and certain quotes from the other party.


Hello Neighbours: 

Like most of us, I have spent a lot of TIME trying to digest, then interpret, then communicate the "different perspectives and different needs" by the many individuals who both live in the neighbourhood and our greater community. 

And 'YES' every individual digests information in their own inimitable way. Each of us INTERPRETS the same presented text in their own personally idiosyncratic manner. This then can either become 'a beautiful and differing way of viewing life,' or, as 'X' states below:  

Our (...) farm boundary was 100 feet from that active open pit mine at (...)  It was a living nightmare. 

Because I cared, I took pains to try and understand "X', and sojourned to interpret the very text in "X's' FLYER. I took pains to read and re-read my responses, wanting to make certain I was being FAIR in my assessments and comprehension of 'X's' very words. Like 'X'swords: "farm boundary" (versus our quiet, rural (...) neighbourhood); "100 feet from that active open pit mine at .(....)"; "a living nightmare."     

TIME has since indicated that ultimately, all is 'In the eye of the beholder.' Some agreed I was not accusing and or 'threatening,' while 'X' felt I had been. 

All goes to prove, that although we use the same words (and this language is called: English) being subjective by nature, each of us interprets the same text rendered - very differently. We use the same words, have the same concerns, the same realities, are in the the same circumstances, and YET, we are often not aware of what we are saying, or for that matter, maybe not even really know who we truly are, by failing to realize that in the end we might all be much the SAME?! .... 

This then is what creates the stalemate, and makes communication and TRUST 'neigh'- bourly impossible. :)

So! WHY this email?.... After I had indicated I was 'done' with my public input. 

I have become a big fan of the online TV series: TED.COM
Last night I watched the below entry (some 10 minutes long) and, hoping it can, and WILL do something positive, I am motivated to send us all its link:


So, again, dear 'Zero Followers' - from wherever you are? Or NOT are, being or not reading this. ...
Life is constantly unfolding: Here to-day/ GONE to-morrow. 

Once up-on-a-time a Dictatorship, Oligarchy, Police State or Capitalist Democracy, with some fairness but much hypocrisy and pretence, while being taken advantage of, or gassed, killed, or raped, burned at the stakes or plundered, what's REAL?  What is acceptable? What are we bothering to be? 

Maybe a Benevolent Dictatorship? If ever just the RIGHT individual could be found? ... an ALIEN who's been there - DONE that maybe? .... Are you still out there E.T?'  

No matter how righteous and all-caring, WE the Earthlings are in trouble......we are messing up badly.......we need you.... Surely we are in need of SOMETHING!


Monday, 30 April 2018

300. RE: The Theatre > Theater > of LIFE!

STATVIEWS @ 20, 566

Getting silly in my old age? ....

There are, to me, a number of intriguing 'THINGS' unfolding amongst this, our ....general....
Human  RACE!  .... I stop, to comprehend...   RIGHT there! The word "RACE"  ??
..... read its 'definition'......I get the 'competition' part of it.

race 1 |rāsnouna competition between runners, horses, vehicles, boats, etc., to see which is the fastest in covering a set course: I won the first 50-lap race.• (the racesa series of races for horses or dogs, held at a fixed time on a set course.• in sing. ] a situation in which individuals or groups compete to be first to achieve a particular objective: the race for nuclear power.• archaic the course of the sun or moon through the heavens.a strong or rapid current flowing through a narrow channel in the sea or a river: angling for tuna in turbulent tidal races.a groove, channel, or passage, in particular:• a water channel, especially one built to lead water to or from a point where its energy is utilized, as in a mill or mine. See also millrace.• a smooth, ring-shaped groove or guide in which a ball bearing or roller bearing runs.verbno obj. ] compete with another or others to see who is fastest at covering a set course or achieving an objective: the vet took blood samples from the horses before they raced | [ with obj. ] :  attorneys have to think twice before they race each other to the courthouse.====================================================================
human racenoun (the human racehuman beings in general; humankind: trees are vital to the survival of the human race.====================================================================

Human beings in 'general?' Where's the bit about differentiating between the various 'RACES?'   QUESTION?  Somebody explain to me; PLEASE ?  WHO? firsts coined this word ?


Perplexed, I look at several of the other definitions, like:

• archaic the course of the sun or moon through the heavens.- I did NOT know the "course of the sun or moon through the heavens" is called a 'RACE!'a strong or rapid current flowing through a narrow channel in the sea or a river: angling for tuna in turbulent tidal races.- "turbulent tidal races" ???  never heard of it before!a groove, channel, or passage, in particular:• a water channel, especially one built to lead water to or from a point where its energy is utilized, as in a mill or mine. See also millrace.• a smooth, ring-shaped groove or guide in which a ball bearing or roller bearing runs.

- None of the above derivative meanings / 'explanations'/ 'definitions'  I have EVER heard of! 
So, WAKE UP, my friend! ....I say to myself...:).
- Was it Aristotle? who said? "The more I know, the more I know how little I know?"

Aristotle |ˈerəstädl(384–322 bc ), Greek philosopher and scientist. A student of Plato and tutor to Alexander the Great, he founded a school(the Lyceum) outside Athens. He is one of the most influentialthinkers in the history of Western thought. His surviving works cover a vast range of subjects, including logic, ethics, metaphysics, politics, natural science, and physics.

....and then there is / (was?) the 107 year old man my friend met at a New York PARTY?!
107 years old and he's at a PARTY?.... I may have mentioned him in an earlier posting.
So the friend introduces himself to the fella, and asks him 'How do you do it?' and the fella responds:
"Well, ....good genes help (not 'jeans':)... BUT! .....When you wake up......You still got to be 'curious'..... "

Presently at 79, and still in pretty  good shape (says I) I actually do not think I've got another 20 + years in me. I discovered 'TED.com' a while back, and really enjoy many of their informative talks. One was about 'Cancer' .... and the speaker, opinioning on it, argues, quite sensibly, the word 'Cancer' should be used as a 'verb' instead of a 'noun'.

That whatever 'Cancer' you may be suffering from, is, in fact, an 'ongoing' process. You were fine before.... your immune system was keeping the runnings of your body under control. But then something went awry, and you began 'Cancering.'

I have just started working online with a friend and former film partner of mine. He is completing a musical while going through chemo, suffering from a nasty Cancer. For whatever TIME he has remaining in this life, working with him on this project at least allows for part of his existence to be somewhat of a positive diversion to his pains and stresses. ...

SPRING is doing its very best to kick in on the Wet-Coast...Today is another SUNNY Day, with the birds and the BEES (whatever's left of them) doing their crucial pollinating.

All the while. the 'Human Race' keeps multiplying, spreading their garbage hither and thither...
It ain't looking pretty's all I can say...

CU in a bit...

Friday, 13 April 2018

299. Is Democracy a Wanting Fallacy?

STATS at #20,537


Nature in her inimitable manner over millennia of evolution has endowed all living creatures with varying attributes. With higher developed mammalian species like us :), assigned to function with different, complementing sexes, each created smartly - none innately superior - to allow the breed to function as a whole, in its appropriate niche. There's a Yin and a Yang to that equation.

However, clarity of definition is an acquired substance, discovered over time and development. And therein lies the rub! 

Although all is about who is created to perform how, or what, it is not about me more and you less. Me-too should not be at issue here, since each species, creature, or plant, is awesomely different. Yet, during 'Man's development', war has been created at its core!

During mankind's evolution over the millennia, it has come to pass that gender, as well as religious and political denomination, have become the underlying most influential driving forces in determining who is positioned to be at the forefront of running the species. 

A determined small number of highly dedicated, self-serving, focused individuals (mostly males), realizing opportunity, have acquired wealth and political determination to manage all that matters - across the Global spectrum.  In their efforts of Survival of the Fittest, the most seemingly fit have positioned themselves, like the Lords and Ladies Land Owners of yore, to control and run the populous masses! So you think 'Slavery' is dead?

Of all the political systems presently in place, the various democratic interpretations, in particular the several active in Northern Europe, are the most tolerant and citizen inclusive, regardless their status.

That said, as mentioned a number of times, 'Justice' is not a Natural Law, and as such, even though expressed and contained at the very foundation of its Democratic Laws, must by its very nature be constantly checked upon in order to make the essence of its intents be fully practiced.

And from experience we note that those who are in charge of up-keeping same laws, in practice, can manage to manipulate them as only they see fit. As chosen experts to render the results when parties are at odds, they are themselves held un-accountable for their verdicts.

As such, democracy's construct, not unlike a fiefdom, allows its graduate legal masters to subjectively control and use its foundation as a practical tool to rule over its un-informed plebeians.  

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

298. Margaretas in PalmSpring > Enter the 'Bachelor' :)> ?

STATVIEWS - 20, 475

The Reality of Being

- Do YOU know anybody in your immediate environment who lives a lifestyle in which the allowance of cock-tailing Margaretas in PalmSpring is a reality?
- Do YOU know anybody in your immediate environment who lives a lifestyle in which the allowance of cock-tailing 29 women on the Bachelor can be a reality?


A little philosophy - fore get-n to the point. 

Observation/ Realization / Rationalization/ Aggravation/ Control/  Survival / Contentment?
Harmony or Chaos?

Whatever it all depicts, doing what we do, ultimately, we each are a self-contained system;  here today, gone tomorrow. (Fentanyl Saki?)

As one of those - 'systems' - I feel, comparatively speaking, a thoroughly fortunate 'being. 
My most telling residuals in life .. my 3 off-spring - 'Kids' ...R fine; their health is good.... ..fortunate me... YEAH!

The freedom of 'Democracy' is - to be allowed - left alone..... There's no-one to blame...
I did what I did. doing what I'm doing...
So far nothing too aggravating I can't deal with. 

Wishing, praying, or hoping, are NOT part of my essence. 
Remember ... I am a 'MALE' in the 21st Century / part of the H. Erective Species... 


Now to the Bachelor! It must be realized, this is considered to be major 'REALITY TV!

Having watched the last episode, my take is the guy is following his heart, ie his 'feelings / emotions are leading him.'  My earlier take on 'Still Waters Run Deep' are clearly calling him. As in a gnawing, unfinished, yet potential sword of Damocles, the kid speed track freak, can not get Lauren out of his head.  (my vote) She is like 'Unfinished Business,' haunting him.

Remember now: NONE of us (humans) EVER received instructions on how to run/ interpret/ control  a relationship!   He 'COULD' have said (me as Bachelor) while confronting both at the alter ..
with Becca as his first choice calling:

"Hey!  it's obvious, you are the ultimate love of my life...(I think/ I feel)
But, although I sense YOU are the one I want to be with .... etc..
I am still SO intrigued by Lauren, that I am going to ask you an allowance to complete my realization with her... (under these extraordinary circumstances)

(Pause) .....Would you grant me that? 

Response? .......

All I can say, as a somewhat 'been there-done-that' old fart now, life's circumstances put you up to constant decisions.  You do what you do! When making a wrong choice is when your brain naggingly suggests it. That's what happened to this ARIE - 'Charlie Brown!' Race-car driving offspring of the Dutch LowLands did not mean to do HARM!

BUT, he is, in fact, an unfolding, growing creature, being honest to his changing, gnawing, wondering feelings. Likely he has never felt like this before. And, in life, most of us never even get close to checking this out to this realistic stand!

From a Homo Erectus Humanoid's perspective? Do we ultimately follow our continuous questioning heart, constantly wanting for more?

OR, overcome its impractical conundrum and acknowledge the easier goings of more rational decisions? This tale of 'Reality' will soon tell us.

Monday, 19 February 2018

297. 'HELLO OUT THERE?' It's my TIME for moving on......

STATVIEWS@ 20, 447

At circa 21, 000 'VIEWS'  I have decided to dis-continue this BLOG.
Instead, I will be committing my remaining precious online TIME to a website I have been working to complete for years now: Gocascadia.com  (my vision our global village will be fragmenting )

I admit I have been somewhat self-indulgent over these few years.
'THEY' say (the better informed), by writing down your thoughts, your brain has an enhanced ability to reflect - i.e expressing thoughts in writing gives you a somewhat more 'objective' view on what  initially may be impulsive, scattered thoughts.

TIME is precious; TIME is all we have. So it is now TIME to dedicate myself more fully to what will hopefully become a more inclusive, purposeful, and rewarding cause. Rather than my self-indulgency with this Blog over these past few years, my energies will instead reach out to hopefully include others, with focussed intentions to create a more practical, integrated, and self-sufficient environment. It is a more practical vision. I am referring to the Pacific Northwest Bio-region of Cascadia.

To say my TIME and expressions here have been somewhat lonely, is to say the least. Without factual personal feedback from ANYONE, to continue in anonymity, is like writing a diary to strangers you will never know their thoughts of. Yet I was motivated to continue expressing myself, after taking my experience with the abominably corrupt Canadian Legal System to its very heart, culminating by actually taking on the Ministry of Justice of BC single handed, with a claim ending up in a most collusive, Summary Trial.

It was Theatre at its most bizarre absurd.

Astonishingly, I experienced first hand, in this 21st Century, that a modern democratic legal system can blatantly dare to express itself as it did, under the guise of being the epitome of legality and justice!  No wonder the hordes of thousands who have decided to challenge these quasi just, primarily democratic societies of the West > with their guns (ISIS and its like).

However, ultimately, their efforts at a quick-fix attempt, are one-dimensional and similarly destructive;  destruction gets us nowhere; it merely creates more mayhem with no solution. Mankind has not advanced for thousands of years.

The Google Map indicates my Blog readers are mostly from the US and Canada, but every month,  like the other day some 22, there appear a number of views from Russia. Though curiously appreciated, I wonder what is the attraction / motivation here?

Another reason for quitting the Blog is that since I will be motivated to start expressing even more personal views, alerted by growing and powerful influencing online matters these days, doing so can become personally DANGEROUS.  Freedom of speech is proving to no longer be a safe and allowable luxury.