Tuesday, 5 September 2017

289. The 'Apartheid' that lies at the essence of Life.

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Life is built on telling things apart. Without it, nothing can be defined. Any 'growing, living, existing creature,' that can't tell things apart becomes easy prey to those who do. This is the basic Law of Nature!

  1. (in South Africa) a policy or system of segregation or discrimination on grounds of race.

    Like no other species ever before, Homo Sapiens - 'Human Being' - is rapidly changing that essential equilibrium. Living in our cities and suburbs, we are spreading like a non-stoppable virus, taking the law of nature in our own hands, re-interpreting and re-shaping it, as if we are superior, to suit our reigning God-possessed super-human selves. Smooth concrete pavement replaces soil; artificial chemicals - all for convenience and speed. Head-strong, our over-sized brains are running us in to a quick extinction. We are indeed the Selfish Gene!    

    But somehow the 'Apartheid' continues. Though we can go to the moon, mentally and spiritually, we have gained NOTHING!  

    WHY is this? 

    I think it is because each of us, at least those of 'us' in the developed world, feel we belong to the untouchable hordes that live, well fed and taken care of by whatever systems we are allowing to govern over us.  

    We are not the Wildebeest or Zebra that can become prey to the lioness. We are mostly ahead now of our Natural Enemies. Our 'Apartheid' has become a leisurely and affordable nothing-better-to-do aimless pre-occupation with differentiating ourselves from our neighbouring fellow-humans.

    Somehow, deep down in our primal cortex we have been unable to conquer that discriminatory, natural field, that final frontier in our search for superiority and Godliness.  Deep down we have retained that killing instinct. And it will now become our demise.

    Unless we become ONE and alike, a whole and single Unit of Homo Sapiens Erectus, to bond and collectively realize we are in a big mess, we will indeed continue our quickly deteriorating spiral towards annihilation, while bringing even more species to grow down and out with us.

    And when Armageddon is fully upon us, visiting aliens will scantily find any trace of us.

    Happy Nirvana dreams to all ....:)>

Friday, 25 August 2017

288. Is our Species Morphing to the Left?

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According to the theory of left-brain or right-brain dominance, each side of the brain controls different types of thinking. ... For example, a person who is "left-brained" is often said to be more logical, analytical, and objective. A person who is "right-brained" is said to be more intuitive, thoughtful, and subjective.Jul 7, 2017
The Right Brain
According to the left-brain, right-brain dominance theory, the right side of the brain is best at expressive and creative tasks. Some of the abilities popularly associated with the right side of the brain include:

  • Recognizing faces
  • Expressing emotions
  • Music
  • Reading emotions
  • Color
  • Images
  • Intuition
  • Creativity

The Left Brain

The left-side of the brain is considered to be adept at tasks that involve logic, language, and analytical thinking. The left-brain is described as being better at:
  • Language
  • Logic
  • Critical thinking
  • Numbers
  • Reasoning

I Googled the above, and will use it to express my own thoughts on the matter. 

As with all languages, whether expressed verbally or visually, all is about communication. The details of meaning lie in the nitty gritty of conception, the choice, structure, and expression rendered by the individual, and perceived by the listener(s).  i.e. meaning is determined by the receiver's interpretation during their personal exchanges. 

Generalization is the middle ground established by those who set out to define the parameters of meaning, in order to define the measurement and boundaries to which, when in doubt, everyone can agree upon.  i.e. 'kill' literally means to eliminate the life force of an entity's earthly existence.  'killing' someone with kindness, although now meaning something entirely the opposite, initially literally meant that. It had been seen that an Ape squeezed its young borne so hard with fond loving, it actually killed it.   

So taking the above separation of Left versus Right brain literally, without exceptions, would be foolish. However, in a generalized fashion, for the sake of argument, on the whole it bares truth. As such, of the two types, I clearly belong in the Right Brain category. I am an idea man, a doer, outgoing, an extrovert. I tend to be loud, and jovial. My background is in the Theatre and Film Business. To a fair number of people I am too much 'in their face.' I don't do it on purpose; it's who I am - an Aries!

This then takes me to my present quandary, and the inability, so far, to find a solution, a working balance to what I am still seeking to accomplish. And it lies in my dealings with Left Brain humans.   

For these past number of years, and expressed through this Blog, I have been battling mostly Left Brain oriented people. Judges, Lawyers, Web Developer Coders. Most all are analytical *  
* analytical |ˌanəˈlidik(ə)ladjectiverelating to or using analysis or logical reasoning: analytical methods | a suave, analytical type who missed his calling as a lawyer.
I take umbrage with two areas ascribed to Left Brainers: 'Critical Thinking' and 'Reasoning.' As if Right Brainers can't reason sensibly and coherently. Or that they are incapable of 'Critical Thinking'?

WHAT is critical thinking anyway? Like right brainers may be ready to jump of a cliff to their death? They don't perceive the 'critical' aspect of the fact the jump's distance might kill them?  Are they somehow 'handicapped' and less able to survive? They generally have shorter lives? Cause they tend to live life, outgoing,  to the full?   

HMMM, I mull..... some critical room for thought and re-interpretation?

Sunday, 30 July 2017

287. Humanity in a Nutshell - our Sun - Time Continuum

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Without the 'SUN' nothing much exists. We call it 'LIFE.' LIFE on 'EARTH!' Planet Earth.

This hot-mass, our ultimate provider, brought us a measurable awareness of dependable, 'CLOCK-ABLE,' dark and light. We call it 'Night' and 'Day.' The regularity of these repeating phases we call 'TIME.'

'Humans' as such, live in various geographically defined jurisdictions, locations, 'SPACES' on this Earth, defined by the 24 time-zones of the original British Greenwich clock; notwithstanding some oblivious Amoebic entities not requiring photo synthesis or "light,' or 'clocks' to exist in the depths of the nether sea world - many yet to be 'discovered' - in order to determine origin and importance to our general evolution.

But we are not talking about the earliest lifeforms here, we are speaking of our species, how we  morphed into becoming what we now are, during that measurable and clock-able time period.

Each of us, self-absorbed and 'RIGHT' at every turn... In fact, likely not that interested nor caring enough to really try seeing it from that other side.  How do you think we are doing in this present 'NOW'?

Are you soaking up sufficient light? Are you getting along in your particular sphere of existence?  You have managed to outgrow beefs you may have held against another?  You have managed to work it out and create a greater understanding and acceptance and appreciation among your 'dear family,' your close friends, your 'adversaries'? Are you more insightful, less self-absorbed; stuff is making better SENSE now?

Life is unfolding, day by day; you have gained a certain control over your 'being.' Your ducks are in a row. In fact, you feel harmonious from within.
- How would you describe our environment, our equilibrium, from this more 'objective' perspective?

So, we each hold differing perspectives. Our beliefs and truths lie wherever we have been indoctrinated, or decided to place them. Our IDs are ultimately self-induced, evolving realities. Responsibility operates from within. We DO what we do, based on whatever we decide to be our 'Reality.'

You have discovered that blame and negativity, initially easy, have become a hindrance to your greater fulfillment. Productivity takes effort - requires time. With work, it will be worth it, since it ads to your dimensionality of the time you have on this Earth. Each of us are alone as single entities.

Most, searching for help, have been reaching out and created their 'God'; others re-discovered, as early man did, on calling it 'Nature'.  Those who call it Nature do not/ can not, have an argument.
It is what it is.

Those who decided to call it God are forever at odds.


NOTE: The following is my account overview of an online connective I have had with 2 consecutive off-shore web-developers. I worked with both on the creation of a website  

Dear 'X' :

I can well image your focus is on your needing young family. That you are eager to make additional income. 

Fishing In the online haystack, Googling for JOOMLA, like rolling dice playing the Lottery.  A message read by ‘someone’ / somewhere...YOU, brought us together; you there; me here.

We've become this trying team, worlds apart, our linguistic differences, our generation gap, with aggravants galore at every step, left-brain/ right-brain, trying to achieve the impossible during our daily email connectivities. 

Still, we continued to hang in, regardless our frustrating exchanges, regardless my existing debts, incurred by the desire to succeed in my one last ’SOME-thing’ before I fade from life to live in nirvanian obsolescence.  

EVERY new relationship brings on its own challenges. 

Letting go of my former dev, after many hype-ful months of promises, assurances, re-assurances and thousands of dollars, I configured him a sociopath. Then, out of the blue, he sent me an email lately, wanting/ motivated, to tell me his recently retired father (from a respectable middle class position) had died, at 61….

Why the need to tell me this? 

I responded with empathy, asking him several angles to his life. 61 is young. Was it Cancer? No response. I guess it was motivated by a single need/ desire/ outburst of grief to connect, brought on to inform this far older individual, me. The fact he took me for thousands not an issue.

Like Forrest Gump's box of chocolates,"you never know what you're gonna get!"
Life is a happenstance, a crap-shoot continuum in time. 

Friday, 16 June 2017

286. So WHAT is next?


So Who do we want to be? We need to take charge of our inner selves. Who do we decide we really are? How do we want to represent ourselves as citizens on this planet, irrespective of the society we live in. Does our society dictate us to behave in a certain way! And if so, is this the way we want to express ourselves? Is this who we feel we really are?

As a Global Community, the present world is ready to express and determine who we are as a species. We have little time left to bring this ship around.  Corrupt crazies are at the helm of our governments.
How much longer will we, as the more sane and globally aware, allow these dictators to control man's destiny?

Can we afford to sit back and let this mayhem circus lead us by the nose  - lead us towards an Armageddon of destruction?  

These are hugely telling times. The obvious effects of climate change are forcing us to make immediate decisions.

Join our global efforts, and stand up for active change! Mankind and its effects on Nature has no time left, but to take action NOW!

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

285. WHO is to blame for WHAT? > Responsibility lies within ourself!


Systems have been created by those who can profit by manipulating them. This is mankind in control of personal benefit.  Once a general intelligence is assessed,  a rhetoric is created by those who set out to take advantage; such are today all our institutions - self-serving!

When man settled away from nomadic life, survival of the fittest was replaced with the ploy of politics.  Free time, and a closer 'togetherness' of the sexes, brought in an array of male created additives. Religion, work ethics, sheer muscle power, all made certain to keep their upper hand.

This entree is not about how certain male spiders are consumed after coitus by the female. Though fascinated by a continuum of nature, my views of our unfolding species are intrigued by the apparent anomaly of desires in our own efforts towards a lack of sustaining a global equilibrium in our behaviour.

WHAT in our character is it that so discombobulates with Nature? WHAT appears as the over-rulimg major aggravant?  My suggestion: There are simply too many of us!

If we could STOP propagating; if there were just less of us (like 1/3 amount for instance)?
We would very likely leave each other alone.
- Your Religion would be YOURS!
- Our politics - OURS!
- Your  Sharia law would continue to denigrate women,
- But it would not affect us over here.  
- OR,
-YOUR Dictatorship would be entirelyYours, whilst our Hypocritical Democracy would continue to be 'OUR' dilemma.

I continue to expand and assess my own thoughts.

For those who are prone to Blaming Things - not themselves, but THEM!
I say: Although it's the set way out, ultimately, it's GOT to get to YOU! And YOU is ME!...
and ME = MY-SELF!

Blaming, as a state of mind, recognizes the quick'n easy way out of any 'conflict of interest '
Is there a need to look more inwards and perhaps find a greater responsibility within ourself?
rhetoric |ˈredərik
nounthe art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing, especially the use of figures of speech and other compositional techniques.

Monday, 15 May 2017

284. SANITY and REALITY - to be Re-Defined


Although I feel the East-West distribution of cheap goods will continue to slow down as the former 'developed' world is coming to grips with its new realities, the overall Balance of Power(s) are quickly shifting. 

To think that Kim Jong-un, Supreme leader of North Korea, is becoming a serious threat to the safety and stability of the Globe; 
To think that former KGB Putin has his iron-hand firmly on the outs of Russia;
To think the Saudis King Abdulaziz continues to allow daily beheadings of any dissenters. 
To think the US of A's president is another lying billionaire and former TV Reality Host > "You're Fired." To name but a few of the Big Gun RULERS of the world...  

It shows that the (potentially) more sane 99.99.99 % of the rest of us > the populous PEOPLE > are all asleep, not even knowing where the 'wheel' is to be found to turn the ship around. 

The best efforts we can make is going on another archaic protest March. NOTHING has changed since feudalism.  HOW is it that history repeats itself? WHY are we so impotent? 

While the ONLY areas of real change are the high-tech scammer virus guys, who can sit in their bedroom-underwear, creating instant turmoil to our now vulnerable institutional systems.  With Climate Change (where IS that frigging SUN gone?) and VR in the hub, we'll all soon be in the ER! If the place is still running that is.

We, each of us, need to take a serious look at ourselves. You can't blame Trump; you can't blame Putin! ... They are there because we let them in....( my post 282) 

We are all responsible for Isis; we are all responsible for the state of the world; each and everyone one of us is guilty of a certain hypocrisy.  

I quote the following:  

"What is the Law - About Canada's Systems of Justice. v
Laws are rules made by government that forbid certain actions and are enforced by the courts. Laws apply to everyone equally. If you break a law, you may have to pay a fine, pay for the damage you have done, or go to jail."

So 'Okay' you say, I buy in to that, like the 'Nobody is above the Law.' 
Then WHY is it that in the: "Laws apply to everyone equally" in practice it actually translates to mean: " Laws apply to those who Kings and Dictators, and Presidents, and Judges and lawyers have decided to find guilty." 

Since - in practice - it continues to prove that those who run our affairs are - in fact - ABOVE the law..... >>> until and unless we DO something about it collectively. And, guess what, we know that it is possible...
Therein, at least, lies some 'hope.' 

Here's a thought...... What would happen if an online movement were to create a single voice demanding global SANITY, and you'd manage to have BILLIONS agreeing to act on certain directives...... could we save mankind? 

Now THERE is a VIRUS I'd like to see ...

Friday, 12 May 2017

283. Is FAKE news - our new REALITY; the DEATH knell for TRUTH and FACT?


WHERE is our 'run-amock' species taking us these days?

Is High-Tech elevating us off the ground now, to exist purely in the head ?
Feet no longer connecting with Mother Gaia Earth - un-grounded?

Is Virtual Reality going to be man's new tactility? Is everything that was three dimensional once becoming cerebral fodder?
Are we preparing ourselves for a major escape from truth and reality?

If so, are you up to its snuff?  Check it out then.

'Real' life is mostly represented by entertainment now.  The Net is a TWITTER.....
Soundbites jerk us to respond, while Wars continue to Kill People. ........We are used to it now.

Nothing phases us. Our senses are dulled into numbness. More bombs, more blood, more deaths. Millions are starving in a sun desolated Africa ... while much of the rest of the world is under water. Extremes of polarity are becoming the norm.

We tried to share and care about it once, played music - donated. But that was then and this is NOW!

Married to our Gadgetry, we watch and listen. Same shit, different order. DULLED in our heads, we are essentially confused - about EVERYTHING! We no longer know WHAT is real!

And still, we say NO to climate change! Like the Ostrich - our heads are in the sand.
Inundated, reality is everywhere... for we have all become globalists ...

Relentless, it keeps coming - day after day ..... until the SUN stops shining... 🎊

Time to redefine SANITY.... ?